Recruitment: The Rules We Live By

One of the many advantages to using HRConnections for any of your recruitment needs, is that we employ only the best, and well-trained interviewers. We have developed an interviewing process whereby every applicant is properly interviewed and his or her skills are examined and job suitability is determined.
We conduct thorough reference checks. At HRConnections, we ask our applicants to provide the contact information for both their references as well as their peers or coordinates where applicable. We use these sources to help to determine if the applicant is suited for the positions for which they've applied, to verify their professional experience and skill-set, and to determine if the candidate would be a good fit with the company.
We insist that the applicant provide relevant documents such as recent performance reviews, examples of their work, copies of transcripts and degrees, and professional licenses if applicable. We employ a rigid verification process where every detail is checked and confirmed, leaving no stone unturned.
We conduct thorough and complete background investigations. We determine if they have had any negligible trouble with past employers, or might propose to have any with future employers. Any discrepancies in their employment records are thoroughly investigated.
We believe you should recruit constantly, not just when a position needs to be filled. Recruiting is a continuing and never ending process. It is not something one does only when one needs to hire. It is important to maintain a revolving inventory of qualified candidates so that when positions become available, interviewing and screening can begin immediately. HRConnections can help you do just that.