Hot Tips

Whether you are looking for an executive or temporary position HR Connections recommends following these guidelines.

Be Candid
We encourage that all our candidates be candid with our Staffing Specialists. Let us know what your expectations are, your skills, the ideal position you are seeking etc.

Keep in Touch
Your Staffing Specialist is the key to finding your next assignment or your next career opportunity- let them know what you are anticipating!

We encourage everyone to be 10- 15 minutes early whether it is for a job interview or for an assignment this creates a positive and professional image to the prospective employer.

Dress for Success
Did you know that you only get 30 seconds to make a good first impression? This first impression is usually based on your physical appearance (which includes dress and grooming) and your attitude, so be sure to look your best, smile and offer a firm and confident handshake.

Share with your Staffing Specialist all job opportunities, this will make your more marketable to our clients. Ensure that your Staffing Specialist is aware of your schedule so they can plan for interviews and help in getting you that new job or assignment. Please remember to check voice mail and return phone calls promptly.

Calling your Staffing Specialist after your interview is very important!! This step should not be missed because it gives you and your Staffing Specialist the opportunity to discuss the position, and layout the plan of action to attain the position you’ve interviewed for.