Recruitment Process

While our approach to each project is specifically tailored to deliver results, our commitment to reaching excellence is the same whether commencing an executive search or conducting a mass hiring campaign. The same commitment applies to clients both large and small.

HRConnections utilizes a recruitment methodology that is proven to locate and acquire the right talent in the shortest amount of time. Reaching exceptional talent first will only help to keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Selection Process

We research credentials, verify degrees as well as conduct in-depth employment history checks. We have specific screening criteria for each position, including multiple interviews to help identify the candidate’s worth and capabilities. Just as important a candidate’s skill set is, we also screen for a match in terms of corporate culture.

Skill testing is an integral aspect of HRConnections selection process. Rather than rely on a resume for skill asessment, we conduct thorough on-site testing.

In-depth reference checks are carried out on a minimum of three references.