Our Pledge

All candidates formally presented to our clients are interviewed and fully tested to HRConnections code of conduct. Any exceptions or omissions will always be relayed to the client.

Without approval of the client or previous client no candidate will be approached in any form, in any client organization that is or has been a client of HRConnections.

All HRConnections candidates are presented to HRConnections clients’ with his/her full knowledge and approval.

HRConnections candidates are informed continually of their status throughout the selection and recruitment process.

HRConnections clients are not identified to a candidate, source, prospect unless and until authorized by the client.

HRConnections work will not be identified to other parts of the clients company unless authorized by the client.

No candidate who has been placed by HRConnections Inc. will be approached, unless the client on its own initiative requests that HRConnections move the employee. When a candidate we have placed approaches HRC looking for a new position, it is our policy to request that the candidate speak to his/her employer to resolve the reason for leaving. With the permission of the candidate we will discuss the reason for leaving with the client and attempt to retain the employee. However, if both parties arrive at an impasse, HRC will facilitate the candidate, with the clients’ permission.

HRC will conduct reference checking only with knowledge and agreement of the candidate. A brief summary of the results will be presented to the client.

HRC will represent the client at all times in regard to all negotiations all information revealed by the client will be treated as confidential.

Why Use HRC?

What sets HRConnections apart from the rest? Our professional integrity!

One, we are passionate about our clients' business. We take the time to understand our client's competitors, their industry, and their products - as well as the required positions. Two, we never lose our small-company feel. We pride ourselves on creating one-on-one relationships with our clients so they never feel that the quality of our commitment to them is compromised. Our service is based on our experience, as well as the extensive research we have done interviewing various candidates and clients as to the type of service they would like from a recruitment agency, and how they want their needs met.

We have developed long-term relationships with many of our clients and our candidates refer us to their friends and family on a regular basis. This is indicative of our professional integrity, our quality of service, our competitive pricing structure, our hassle-free guarantees, and especially our performance

Our Clients and Affiliations